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Author: By A. Chandra

ISBN13: 9780444883889

Publisher: Elsevier

Price: €134.00
Pages: 0
Publish date: diciembre 1989

In this dictionary as many common names as possible in Bulgarian, Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Indian, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Pakistani, Philipino, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Spanish and Swedish are given alongside the botanical (scientific) names of mushrooms. This will be an aid to university students, research scholars and amateur mushroom hunters and growers, as they will easily be able to find the common names in any of the said languages from one publication. A total of 628 edible species (distributed among various genera of fungi) whose gastronomic value ranges from excellent to poor (in the broadest sense) are covered. The edible species whose common names are not known or not available at present, have been omitted. Among the species included, some are controversial with regard to their edibility. In such cases a note of caution (or precautionary measures to be taken before eating) has been appended to the remarks. There are some cases where the common names could not be presented adequately, for the following reasons: judgements of edibility or toxicity differ from expert to expert; comments on gastronomic qualities vary from country to country. Also, there is diversity with regard to the fungus flora in various countries, and common names may not be readily known. Synonyms for the species have been incorporated as far as possible. Further, mushroom growers will be able to choose cultivated and semi-cultivated species as well as wild mushrooms of potential importance. Some which have a tough consistency (of the fruit-body) and which are not so palatable, but are reported to be edible in the view of a few researchers, have been referred to. Apart from gastronomic qualities, these edible fungi also have some nutritive value, and at present there is widespread research into growing mushrooms as a potential source of vegetable proteins other than fats, vitamins and minerals. Such information has also been discussed briefly. Thus this multilingual dictionary will serve as a guide and reference book to university students, researchers, teachers, agricultural scientists, food technologists and amateurs alike.