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Food, diet and obesity


ISBN10: 849334403
ISBN13: 9780849334405

Publisher: CRC Press

Price: $289.95
Pages: 521
Publish date: enero 2005

Summarizes key research which links diet and obesity Examines trends in obesity Investigates contributory factors to obesity, including lifestyle and genetics Looks at developing effective weight control strategies Arguably the most serious issue facing the food industry is what is now widely recognized as an epidemic in obesity. Food manufacturers are under increasing pressure over both the degree to which they have contributed to the problem and what role they should play in solving it. Drawing on the expertise of some of the world's leading experts in this area, Food, Diet and Obesity summarizes current research on the causes of obesity, the role of food components in promoting or reducing weight gain, and the strategies manufacturers can adopt to reduce the problem. After an introductory chapter on global trends in obesity, Part 1 looks at the range of contributing factors to obesity, from nutrient-gene interactions, energy metabolism and physical activity to sensory responses to food, portion size and the psychology of overeating. Part 2 looks at macronutrients and their role in weight gain or loss, with chapters on topics such as energy density, dietary fat, carbohydrates, protein and dietary fibre. The final part of the book discusses issues in developing effective strategies for weight control, from gaining consumer acceptance of weight-control food products to the role of community-based approaches in preventing obesity. With its distinguished editor and international team of experts, Food, Diet and Obesity will be a standard work for nutritionists and R&D staff throughout the food industry, as well as all those concerned with understanding and reducing obesity.

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