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Appetite and Food Intake: Behavioral and Physiological Considerations


ISBN10: 1420047833
ISBN13: 9781420047837

Publisher: CRC Press

Price: $129.95
Pages: 408
Publish date: febrero 2008

Reviews the current status of both basic and applied research on the regulation of food intake Integrates animal, human, behavioral, and physiological research Compares the strengths and weaknesses of basic and applied fields Focuses exclusively on factors that influences food intake under normal conditions Consolidates research from a broad range of disciplines Providing a unique integrative approach, Appetite and Food Intake: Behavioral and Physiological Considerations reviews the current status of basic and applied research, while considering behavioral and physiological influences on obesity and the regulation of food intake. Each covered topic is discussed in paired chapters that present the subject from the perspectives of basic scientists using animal models and clinical scientists studying humans. Chapters include coverage of eating motivation, orosensory properties of food, influence of the GI tract on food intake, and post absorptive factors. The book also covers macronutrients, micronutrients, and meal patterning.

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