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Enzymes of Psychrotrophs in Raw Food


ISBN10: 849361036
ISBN13: 9780849361036

Publisher: CRC Press

Price: $425.00
Pages: 320
Publish date: marzo 1989

Milk and dairy products Red meats, fish, and poultry This book draws together theoretical and applied aspects of extracellular hydrolytic enzymes in spoilage, and thus provides information and analysis of interest to microbiologists and biochemists, as well as up-to-date methods and recommendations of value to food scientists and processors. The first section deals with psychrotroph proteinases, lipases, and phospholipases in milk and dairy products, and covers such aspects as producer microorganisms, biochemical classification of enzymes, physical and biochemical properties, thermal stability, regulation and control of synthesis and assay methods. Particular emphasis is placed on commercially important areas such as physical and biochemical effects in food components and influence on shelf life and product quality. The problems of standardization and control of enzymes in dairy products, as well as areas for future research, are critically examined. The poorly understood role of psychrotroph extracellular enzymes in meat, fish, and poultry is also discussed in a separate section under such headings as physical and biochemical effects on tissue and contribution to growth and penetration of the producer organism.

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