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Handbook of Frozen Foods


ISBN10: 824747127
ISBN13: 9780824747121

Publisher: CRC Press

Price: $259.95
Pages: 1293
Publish date: marzo 2004

§ Includes more than 1700 current references for further exploration of the topic § Provides tables and examples illustrating the effect of various chemical and biochemical reactions on the quality of frozen food systems § Discusses methods to select the most appropriate packaging materials for frozen foods § Contains practical guidelines to ensure the safety of frozen food products § Offers strategies to reduce the deterioration rate of frozen foods Frozen foods have the advantage of being very close in taste and quality to fresh foods as compared with other preserved or processed foods. They have become essential items in the retail food industry, grocery stores, convenience food stores, fast food services, and vending machines. Collecting an impressive amount of professional expertise on frozen food science, technology, and engineering, the Handbook of Frozen Foods describes the manufacture, processing, inspection, and safety of frozen foods-surveying a wide range of topics in frozen food packaging, quality, and shelf-life. Details the procedures, regulations, and technologies impacting each category of frozen food production-from red meat, poultry, and eggs to fruit, vegetable, dairy, and bakery products. Led by an international editorial team, this volume is the result of the combined efforts of more than 50 contributors from 10 countries that have expertise in various aspects of frozen food. The handbook contains 36 chapters that are organized into eight comprehensive and accessible parts that approach the topic in a unique manner - making it an essential reference on frozen food for those in government, industry, and academia.

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