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Medicinal Spices


ISBN10: 849319625
ISBN13: 9780849319624

Publisher: CRC Press

Price: $159.95
Pages: 480
Publish date: noviembre 2005

Presents the scientific and medical aspects of culinary herbs and spices Covers botany, chemistry, analysis of their constituents, and their physiological effects as well their toxicology and medical application Includes information about cultivation, storage forms, and use in cooking Contains 173 color illustrations and nearly 500 chemical structures that familiarize you with the appearance of herbs and spices and their plant sources As demonstrated by the hundreds of books on culinary herbs, spices, and spice blends currently on the market, the ancient art of seasoning is still popular and gaining momentum. Taking you on a journey into the fascinating world of spices, from foul-smelling asafetida to devilishly hot chilies, from sumptuous saffron to fragrant cinnamon, Medicinal Spices describes, from the perspective of a natural scientist, 300 plants and the spices that are obtained from them. The author presents 84 extensive monographs of culinary herbs, including details of their cultivation, production, constituents, sensoric properties, pharmacological actions, their potential toxicity, and their culinary and medicinal uses. Divided into two parts, the book begins with an overview of facts about herbs and spices that can be generalized and provides a better understanding of the specific monographs. The monograph section describes the most important culinary herbs and spices. More than 170 color illustrations and nearly 500 chemical structures round out the coverage, making this an essential resource for information on medicinal spices and their uses.

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