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Making the Most of HACCP: Learning from Others' Experience


ISBN10: 849312183
ISBN13: 9780849312182

Publisher: CRC Press

Price: $229.95
Pages: 320
Publish date: mayo 2001

§ Addresses the needs of food processing businesses at all stages of HACCP system development § Provides information that enables you to better develop your current HACCP system § Offers an international scope as it discusses the experience of those who have successfully implemented HACCP systems § Includes chapters that incorporate the experience of major companies such as Cargill, Heinz, and Sainsbury The Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) System has now become generally accepted as the key safety management system for the food industry worldwide. While there are numerous publications on its principles and methods of implementation, there is relatively little on the experience of those who have actually implemented HACCP systems. Edited by two of the leading authorities on the subject, and with an international team of contributors, Making the Most of HACCP describes that experience and what it can teach about developing and implementing HACCP systems effectively. The book begins with a look at small- and medium-sized enterprises, many of which have yet to implement HACCP systems. It then focuses on larger manufacturers, with chapters from companies such as Cargill in the United States, Hindustan Lever in India, and Heinz and Kerry Ingredients in Europe. Those implementing HACCP systems describe the problems and pitfalls in getting started, and what they have done to further develop HACCP systems. Finally, regulators and inspectors describe HACCP implementation from their perspective. Contributors describe what they look for when inspecting HACCP systems, the common problems they encounter, and techniques to make the implementation process more successful. Making the Most of HACCP draws on a wide range of practical experience, from large to small companies, manufacturers, and regulators in developed and developing countries, those with established HACCP systems and those still new to them. After reading the testimonials in this book, you will have a better understanding of what it takes to implement a successful HACCP system, and ultimately improve food safety.

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