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Encapsulated and Powdered Foods


ISBN10: 824753275
ISBN13: 9780824753276

Publisher: CRC Press

Price: $209.95
Pages: 528
Publish date: mayo 2005

Addresses a little known area of food technology Provides both theoretical and practical knowledge focused on food powders Appeals to both scientists and technologists who work with foods as powders Contains contributions from several leading experts in the field Covers properties, processing techniques, handling and analysis, ingredients, and encapsulation Encapsulated and Powdered Foods is a practical guide to the characterization and applications of the powdered form of foods. It details the uses of food powder as well as the physical, chemical, and functional properties of particular food powders, such as milk, cocoa, salts, and sugars. The author describes the powder manufacturing processes and a range of related topics, including drying technologies, storage, moisture, lumping, and bridging in the bin, and the blending and segregation of powders. The book concludes with discussions on the creation of specialty ingredients and engineered powders.

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