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Coating, spraying, enrobing, encapsulation

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The aim of this group of operations is to cover a food product with a layer of material, which may be applied to improve the eating quality, to provide a barrier to the movement of moisture and gases, or as protection against mechanical damage.

Field of application

Coating (by one of the below-mentioned techniques) is applied to confectionery, ice-cream, baked goods, snack foods, fish, poultry, potato products, etc.

Techniques, methods and equipment

Confectionery, ice-cream and baked goods are often coated (enrobed) with chocolate or chocolate containing compound coatings. The principal ingredients in such coatings are fat and sugar. The fat is tempered and held at a temperature of 31-32°C, resulting in a liquid coating mass. This coating is applied to the food products in the form of a single or double curtain through which the food is passed on a stainless steel wire conveyor. A pan beneath the conveyor collects the excess coating, which is then recirculated through a heater to the enrobing curtain.
Products like fish, poultry and potato products are often coated with batters. Better is a suspension of flour in water to which sugar, salt, thickening agents, flavourings and colourings are added to achieve the required characteristics. It is applied to the product by passing the product through a batter between two submerged mesh conveyors.
Coating with breadcrumbs can take place by depositing food products onto a moving bed of breadcrumbs and then passing the bed through a curtain of breadcrumbs.
Other methods for coating are spraying the coating material onto the product, encapsulation of the food particles and agglomerisation of products.

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