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With an outstanding range of fully synthetic lubricants for virtually every application within the food industry,  Cassida delivers superior technical performance compromising neither food safety nor machine reliability.

Tasteless, odourless and non-toxic, Cassida meets all the necessary international standards for use in the food industry.

Supplier of (complete lines / equipment for)

Thermal oil
Food-grade lubrication
Slip additives
Grease and lubrication oil
Hydraulic oils




Cereal Mills
Chocolate production
Compressed Air Quality in Packaging
Compressed Air a hidden contamination risk
Dairies & Cheese Production
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Food & Drink Canning and Bottling
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General Applications in the food industry
Gute Performance von Schmierstoffen (German)
Ice cream production
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Lubricants in canned food preparation
Lubricants in feed production
Lubricants in food production: beer
Lubricants in food production: beverage
Lubricants in food production: canned food
Lubricants in food production: feed
Lubricants in food production: meat
Lubricants in food production: poultry meat
Lubricants in poultry meat production
Lubricants in the beverage industry
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